Shooting for Lumativ Brand Film and TV Commercial

Lumativ ( is an awesome new clothing and fashion accessory line from the mind of Scott Campbell. It’s incredibly fashion-forward, and the technology is awesome – integrating extremely low profile lighting technology into products and their logos. I DP’d a production for Lumativ with Anders Rostad directing. We teamed together to craft this brand film (which will include a TV :30 and extended 3-minute edit) in an awesome two-day shoot around Los Angeles. Day one was shot on a few major streets downtown with some golden hour shots at the Watermarke tower. Day two was at a rundown warehouse near Fourth Street. We had a small crew, but a great time working together. It’s amazing what you can pull together with the right team on board!

Because of our extreme low-light shooting needs and small lighting package (essentially six lekos and a couple of Litepanels) I chose to shoot on the Canon C300 (which has a native ISO of 800 and is virtually noise-free even at 10,000 ISO). I used Zeiss Super Speeds (EF mount) with a Redrock cage, matte box and follow focus.

Below are a few behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot taken from a number of crew members’ Instagram and Facebook accounts (so thanks where credit is due!). More to follow along with the finished film. Stay tuned!

Lumativ Founder and CEO Scott Campbell makes an obscured cameo in a rundown elevator shaft

Shooting a scene upstairs in the warehouse. Hazer with natural sunlight.

Shooting in a warehouse near Fourth Street

Filming our skateboard talent Donovan out of the back of an SUV on Spring Street

Shooting on the C300 in a major tunnel in downtown Los Angeles

Run and gun shooting out of the back of an SUV on Spring Street

Gaffer Jeff Webster stands in for the talent as we dial in lighting

Me cracking a grin as Cam Op Charlie Balch preps camera

Charlie Balch always operates with swagger levels at maximum

Checking light and haze levels for a hallway scene

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