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Jesse Springer

Director, TV & Film

I’m Jesse Springer, a director and artist of sight, light and sound. I use technology to craft memories and to leave indelible marks on a viewer’s perspective. I help brands – and people – see themselves in new ways and reimagine what the world can know them to be. Without soul, there is no emotion; without emotion, there is no meaning. I bring my soul with me everywhere; I let the world see me naked, and I help people and brands do the same. I’m not afraid to offend because of something I believe. I’m not afraid to be wrong. I’m not afraid to bear my soul, because those who don’t are not alive.

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CitiBlast Commercial

Commercial for the CitiBlast smartphone app


Crafted to promote the launch of Lumativ, an illuminated apparel company

Nokia Plaza

I was commissioned to capture the electric energy of Nokia Plaza in moving timelapse form

Xanadu Festival

Official promo trailer for the 2013 Xanadu Festival on Catalina Island

John Dahlback

Video wall graphics for world-famous DJ John Dahlback's 2013 tour

Tustin Toyota

I was commissioned to create a stylized grand opening commercial for Tustin Toyota

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Created for the Aquarium's mobile Fintastic Voyager

Geisha House

Created to promote the world-renowned Geisha House Restaurant in Hollywood

Taco Bell

"Ellie's Story", directed for the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens

eBay Now

Shot on location around New York City for the launch of eBay Now

2012 Showreel

My showreel from 2012

The People of Skid Row

Captured on Skid Row, America's "Third World City"

One Republic, “Good Life”

A personal short following a friend around in Laguna Beach for a few hours

People Photography

A small selection of my people photography

Moments Photography

A small collection of moments in photo form, from 2010

Places Photography

A small collection of my photos of places, taken in 2010

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